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Art classes & activities for children

Experience the endless possibilities of art and join our exclusive art club today!
Our artistic practices are designed to ignite creativity and stimulate children's imagination. We offer a range of exciting activities, including Painting, drawing, and crafts.
Art helps kids to develop patience and concentration, building self-confidence and persistence.

Art classes: extensive options, such as clays, pastel colour paintings, 3D art on canvas, landscape painting, dot work painting, still life, painting on fabric/tote bag, and more, guarantee a fun and enriching experience.
Join your child in our classes and choose from our group or private lessons,

Scroll down to book your Art classes. 


Birthday Party events: incredible array of Art events.
Our activity selection is vast, from creating jigsaw puzzles to painting on canvas, tie-dying t-shirts, and even experimenting with Graffiti spray (which is highly recommended!). We also offer options such as making mosaic stones on glass or wood,acrylic or watercolour painting on canvas, and much more. Don't let your child miss out on this opportunity to unleash their inner artist!

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Art Camp: We offer a fantastic art activity for children aged 5-12, filled with various art and craft projects, challenges, and fun art practices. Our unique art camp is perfect for children on holiday from school who would love to spend time unleashing their creativity. In every camp, we offer different activity options such as tie-dye, candle making, liquid art, graffiti, painting on canvas using acrylic and watercolour paints, and many craft activities like paper mache, tracing paper art, stencil paintings, dot work on glass, and much more. Our summer holiday art camp is an excellent opportunity for kids to explore their artistic side, learn new skills, and make new friends.

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Art Classes for Children North london 

Find the best day for your child to join Art classes weekly

The art classes are suitable for ages 5-12 years 

If you want to join our art classes for a full term session and it's already started...
No worries! please contact us and we can offer you the best quote for the rest of the sessions of the term.

Weekly Art classes 
Up Coming Classes 

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Book your child trial class its a great way to try if you not sure

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If you can't find the date you are looking for your trial,
Please contact us & we may have other options for you 

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Lynn Bowman

My daughter (9) had a fantastic art party. All her friends really enjoyed learning to paint animals with acrylics. Highly recommend!


Deepa Patel Gosalia

My daughters(7 and 9 yrs) have loved going to Liron’s Art classes for over a year now! They look forward every week to learn something new and over time have really become more creative and imaginative! I would highly recommend her. Liron’s passion shines through her work and her dedication to the kids in each class! They love her and for me it’s therapeutic for them to connect to themselves through creativity!! Thank you for being so amazing Liron!!!


Abigail Symons

My 2 daughters aged 10 and 6 absolutely love Liron’s Art camps and classes! She always gives every child the opportunity to showcase their creative talents through many different artistic media.


Raluca Popovici

My daughter enjoys going to Sagol Art class every week and during school holidays. A fun and creative way to spend time!

Art camp April-May 2024

We offer a fantastic art activity for children aged 5-12, with various art and craft projects, challenges, and fun art practices.


Join us on the ry cmp workshop days on the following dates and times: 

2rd May Friday  14:00-16:00

Book your place today!

What we do in Sagol art studio classes for childrens ?

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Learning together

A various of art classes in different mediums that are available for all levels and age.

Now is the perfect time to get to your child an art classes

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Variety of Art Projects packages from 6 children's parties up to 20 children's Enjoyable experiences through ARTS practice as:


Painting, drawing & craft DIY Papers craft, Mosaic art, Clay, Plaster, Stones dot work, Pastel colours, Wood art, Marbling art, Acrylic & oil painting on canvas, Tie-dye & more.


90 minutes of amazing Art project party.


Age 5-13 years please check our -Party projects options list when you can find your best Activity for Your Party.

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At the end of the day, we all seek connection. Through the creation of traditional handmade products we support strong communities, positive relationships, and laying the foundation for building new bridges between people.


We believe in empowering and inspiring artisans within indigenous cultures in order to help them reach their best potential. From outreach efforts to workshops, we do everything we can to help them move forward.

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More Events & Workshops

Art Parties 

I work hard to create an effective and engaging topic for all my art parties. We can have a party for your children to build magical memories for your little ones.

Take a moment to read more about the art parties here

Art Holiday Camp 

See all you need to know about upcoming art camps, tasks and assignments all in one place. Students will be able to make a special art project with extra time to make bigger creations.

We are running an art camp during the school holidays.

 About Sagol Art Studio 

Art activity lessons for children

Sagol Art Studio is the brainchild of Liron Moyal – a London-based painter known for her vivid and distinctive designs.

Since 2019 Liron has been passionate about education and helping others improve their academic performance in art in her classes.


She believes with the correct tools and under the right guidance, everybody can succeed in their studies.


She uses a variety of teaching methods in her class to make sure that everybody feels welcome, engaged and excited to learn.

On top of that, Liron does her best to provide students with any help and support they need to get the best results in her class. You will never be alone :)

Sagol Art Studio is a combination of Liron Moyal's individual style, which is a mix of vibrant esoteric-inspired paintings and graffiti designs. With her love for fashion and experience with unique designs in her shop - "Lavender Print " and an experience as a mother.

She created Sagol Art Studio to bring her knowledge and love for art to others and teach the magic of how art affects our life.