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Book your Workshop event.
This service is a private event at your Home, To create together with your family or your friends.

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You can be a complete beginner or have some experience already.
This workshop is fun and engaging, with no pressure to produce a masterpiece.

It’s about switching off for an evening or morning and enjoying yourself with the people you love.

To create Art together.

We have all the materials and equipment that you will need. 

We visit your Home with The best Artist to create the best adventure for you your family or friends,  with the best private Art workshop coming to your Home. 

You can host a private event with your family or friends at home.

We designed this service for art lovers who want to create an engaging and special time with their loved ones.

You do not need to go anywhere, and you can invite as many people as you like for a birthday or just because you love them and art. It's a great gift for an art lover to create an adventure and gather the whole family together for some fun without leaving the house.

Types of workshop activity events you can choose 

watercolor activity .jpg

Watercolor Group Workshop Event

Acrylic Painting 

Group Workshop Event

Print Screen Group Workshop Event

How does it work: 


£35 per person up to 2- 4 attendees

Group art workshop for 5 attendees £150 

Group art workshop for 6-10 attendees   £ 280

Group art workshop for 11-20 attendees £ 450

How we plan your event: 

We will arrive with all the equipment needed for your art event,
It includes A4 canvases, colours, brushes, and various examples and ideas to draw. 
You can choose the subject you would like everyone to draw as:

Cubism style,
Cartoons and figures,
Still life
Or any subject you have in your mind. 

As standard - In every workshop, we provide a mix of random ideas from our examples of mixed-art ideas and stencils to create professional art 
We can also use stencils to create professional art.

All you need to do is provide a table with chairs for your guests and a cover for the table, and we will arrive with our art workshop to create.
The result will be fun and engaging, and all your guests can keep the art as a gift from your event and a memory of the fun you shared.

The art workshop is at least 90 minutes long and is structured to provide enough time for families or friends to create, finish, and enjoy. Here's how the event is planned:
15-30 minutes to set up the table. As soon as we finish arranging all the equipment on your table, we can start the fun for the other 60-75 minutes of art creation.

This is a unique service of our studio, and it takes place in the following areas.

Our events & parties cover all areas in North London: Camden Borough, Barnet Borough, Islington, Enfield, Potters Bar, Borehamwood, Hendon, Finchley Central, West Finchley, East Finchley Muswell Hill, Southgate, and more.

Check with us to see if we can cover your area.
If your location is outside the area, prices may vary.

Whetstone & Totteridge N20 is our base

*Canvas size of A3 £4 extra for every guest.
*If you add more attendees for the pack you booked, £35 per extra person. 
*If you would like to extend the time of your art activity, you can do so for £20 for every extra 30 minutes. 

watercolor activity .jpg

Tie-Dye T-shirts

Acrylic Painting 

Group Workshop Event

Print Screen Group Workshop Event

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