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Graffiti Drawing LIRON MOYAL

Graffiti Drawing LIRON MOYAL

Wall Art Liron moyal painting Graffiti

Sugar skull kids clothing

Sugar skull kids clothing

Liron moyal Fashion for kids sugar skull clothes for Gothic kids

Sugar skull kids clothing babysuit / babygrow

Sugar skull kids clothing babysuit / babygrow

Liron moyal Fashion for kids sugar skull clothes for Gothic kids

Sugar skull kids clothing kids Hoodie

Sugar skull kids clothing kids Hoodie

Liron moyal Fashion for kids sugar skull clothes for Gothic kids

Sugar skull mugs

Sugar skull mugs

The famous Sugar skull mug of Liron moyal -get you one today!

Sugar skull kids clothing Tutu dress for girls

Sugar skull kids clothing Tutu dress for girls

Liron moyal Fashion for kids sugar skull clothes for Gothic kids

Sugar skull mugs

Sugar skull mugs

New design - Sugar skull mug of Liron moyal -get you one today!

Skull Geometry painting

Skull Geometry painting

Art by Liron Moyal geometric skull

Liron moyal

Liron moyal

meet the Artist LIRON MOYAL



LAVENDER PRINT is a brand that exudes creativity and uniqueness.

Founded by LIRON MOYAL, a London-based paint and tattoo artist, Lavender Print has become known for its vivid and distinctive designs. Liron, who hails from Israel and has been living in the UK since 2008, has combined her individual style, which is a mix of vibrant esoteric-inspired paintings and new school tattoo designs, with her love of fashion and experience as a mother to create urban cool and tattoo-inspired chic children's clothing. Since its launch in 2016, Lavender Print has grown with Liron's expertise. She has made a pattern of skulls, which is a priority for her, as she has always had a love for them. She has also expanded her product line to include handmade items such as mugs, Gothic parasols, and hand fans, which reflect her unique personality. Liron has always had a knack for finding or creating unique accessories for herself, and she has brought this personal touch to her business by selling her brand.

She graduated with a Graphic design diploma

and Fine art

and still driving her skills to the top with the BA in interior design she is studying.

She has designed all the graphics you can see on this site, logo and brand, and created this website on her own.

Her design and talent are endless.

lavender logo
Sagol art studio logo


LIRON MOYAL is a talented and experienced artist who has worked in the art industry for over 20 years. She has a passion for teaching children about the magic of art and its benefits as a form of therapy and self-expression.

Liron Art Studio is based in Whetstone, Barnet, London, N20 and runs local services called "SAGOL ART STUDIO".

She offers various art services to the community, including painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Lessons in a group, private lessons, Art parties, and events.


Her goal is to create beautiful and meaningful art that inspires and uplifts those who view it.

Whether you are a seasoned art lover or a beginner,

she welcomes you to come and explore your creative side in her studio for Art classes for children and adults. 

Let's create something beautiful together!

Liron believes that everyone has an artist inside them, and she is dedicated to helping children bring out their creativity and gain self-confidence through drawing and learning. Liron's art classes are designed for children aged 5-12 years and offer a wide range of materials to explore.
She encourages children to find inspiration and develop their unique style over time. Liron is also a loving mother and understands the importance of happiness and creativity in a child's life. In addition to her classes, Liron also offers unique and fun ideas for children's birthday parties and events. Some of her ideas include Mosaic stones on glass items, Graffiti spray painting, and other creative activities that are sure to delight and inspire children of all ages.

Liron Moyal Interior Design study progressing 

IMG_2694 copy
PAGE 12 Visualety
Page 11 visualety 1+
my sketch
IMG_2871 copy
PNG image
exercise 1-2 pohoto
IMG_1953 copy
Untitled-4 copy

Liron Moyal Painting

The story behind Liron's paintings 

Liron Moyal's art is truly unique and personal to her own life experiences.

She believes in expressing her feelings and memories through her art, which she paints from her perspective to capture the essence of the moment.

Her paintings often feature herself and the people in her life, portrayed in vibrant colours and intricate details.

She even creates cartoon graffiti figures for her loved ones as unique gifts for various occasions.

Liron's use of colours and patterns in her paintings conveys the emotions behind each scene, making them truly special and meaningful.

She takes great care in adjusting the faces and looks of those she depicts in order to create a lasting, colourful memory of each moment.

Liron's art truly reflects her unique perspective on life and her passion for creating lasting memories through her work.

Have you ever thought about turning your personal life experiences into a special gift for your loved ones? Liron Moyal has done just that by creating custom cartoon graffiti figures and paintings for various occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, and Halloween. She takes the emotions and memories from your personal story and incorporates them into vibrant colours and patterns to create a lasting memory. You can even order a painting of you and your loved one in your favourite space to capture the essence of your relationship.

Let Liron's unique perspective on life and passion for creating lasting memories through her art bring joy to your loved ones on their special day.

How to order your own special graffiti cartoon painting 

To request a custom painting, please provide us with a little story about what you want to express in the Drawing, who it's for, and the colours that represent your personality. Additionally, please send us photos of the location or space you want to be painted in and the emotions you want to highlight in the painting. Once we receive this information, Liron will create a sketching plan for the image that can be adjusted and edited before the final finish and colours.

We look forward to creating a unique and lasting memory for you and your loved one.

You can also order a ready painting of Liron moyal from her shop 

Graffiti painting by Liron moyal
Skull painting by Liron moyal
display swirl skull world
Multi color illustrator graphics by Liron moyal
Christmas pattern babygrow
my art
my art 2
my art skull blue 3
lady boobies editing
IMG_0005 copy
graffiti girl holding heart by LIRON MOYAL
Liron moyal graffiti paiting -painting her life memories
simpsonize marge and milles house grafiti
skull geometric dimntions no frame
fishing skull precent large +23
Lady dreads lover
other dimentions precent web2
untitled-2 (1)
Hippos with a suit
laydy happiness pricented

North London , Whetstone N20

Liron moyal Artist LONDON
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