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Liron Moyal's art is genuinely captivating, reflecting her life experiences. Her unique painting style captures the essence of each moment through her perspective and emotions.

She often features herself and her loved ones in her paintings, using vibrant colours and intricate details to convey the emotions behind each scene. Her custom cartoon graffiti figures make a unique and thoughtful gift for various occasions.

Liron Moyal is the artist to consult if you're searching for a unique gift that captures your personal life experiences. Her custom paintings are designed to capture your memories and emotions, using vibrant colours and patterns to make them truly special and meaningful.

Liron's passion for creating lasting memories through her art is evident in every piece she creates. Allow her unique perspective on life to bring joy to your loved ones on their special day. Liron Moyal's art is a true reflection of her personal life experiences. Her unique painting style captures the moment's essence through her perspective and emotions.

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The stories behind the Art 

Liron Moyal "Diary drawing stories "

All my drawings and paintings are created from the memories and feelings I go through in my life path.

I find myself doing therapy with myself through art and healing from the storms of life or happy moments. I want to keep the memory pictures from my head on paper, photos that could never be taken with a camera. We capture these moments of life in our minds, and I put them out in a drawing. Art allows me to express feelings through colours, vibrations, patterns, and movements in the atmosphere of those moments.

I always find solace in painting, which allows me to let go of my emotions and let them flow onto the canvas.

When creating my paintings, I meditate on the memory and feel strongly the energy, sound, movement, and atmosphere I have experienced.

My paintings have helped me in my history to move on, love, be happy and sad, feel fear, and let these emotions come out and see what is inside me.

Sometimes, it's hard for us to see the picture we go through in life, and it can help to watch yourself from your consciousness to understand yourself more clearly and to learn more about this beautiful life. I always listen to music when drawing, giving me the emotional energy and creativity to come out with the music, which is art itself.

Music inspires me to create something unique and speaks to my soul.

When I look at my paintings, I know that they reflect my soul, expressing my deepest emotions and feelings. They are a testament to the beauty of life and the power of art to capture and convey the essence of our experiences.

"My Diary Drawing Stories" is a collection of stories that have been a part of my long life journey. Each story is immortalized through my drawings.

The characters in my drawing are visitors I have met on my life journey that make me feel and remember the energy to be unique and to counter it in my diary drawing stories." 

The characters in my drawings are visitors I have met on my life journey that made me feel and remember the energy that was special to me. I counter this energy in "My Diary Drawing Stories", allowing me to express and capture the essence of those moments. Each character in my drawing has a unique story to tell, a story that is intertwined with mine. They reflect the emotions and feelings I experienced during those times in my life and remind me how far I have come. I can immortalize these visitors and the energy they brought into my life through my drawings. I can capture their essence in a way that is unique to me and that allows me to express myself creatively. My diary drawing stories are a testament to the power of art to capture the beauty of life and the essence of our experiences. They reflect my journey and the people I have met and remind me of cherishing those moments that make life unique.

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Through my talent for capturing the correct figures, patterns, colours, and placement, I can create designs that express your memories of your loved ones. 
Whether it's a space in your home or a special place in your memory, you want to put together from your mind.
With an art Caroon I can create for you.
Each design is carefully crafted to evoke specific emotions and tell a unique story. 
My passion for interior design, as I am a student with my BA in interior design with my drawing, has given me the ability to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful. It is an excellent way of sharing your memory with those you care about most. 

My drawings make for the perfect gift Idea for any occasion, whether for Christmas, an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding, or even Father's Day or Mother's Day. By creating a design that captures the event's essence and expresses its emotions, I can make a truly unique and meaningful gift.

Each drawing is carefully crafted to reflect the personality and interests of the recipient, making it a one-of-a-kind gift that they will cherish for years to come. Whether it's a special event or just because my drawings are a great way to share my memories and emotions with those I care about most.

Lady dreads lover graffiti

Order your own memory in a drawing

To start your drawing project, please send us photos of the place you want in the background and the people you want to include. Explain the story and feelings behind the memory and why it's essential. We can create your unique drawing once we have all the necessary information.

simpson marge and mills house graffiti
Mills House and marge graffiti
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Jessica Rabbit graffiti
family  graffiti
graffiti painter
fairy skulls
skull geometric dimension
Grafiti heart lady graffiti painting
fishing skull
other dimentions
laydy swirle liron moyal art
Swirl skull world SKULL LIRON MOYAL
Liron moyal portrait

Self portrait - Created on a 1 meter X 70cm canvas (2021)

Pregnancy grafiti
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Special orders of clients 

Hippos painting
order painting
traped door graffiti
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Liron Moyal Interior Design study progressing 

Graphic design & Web design

Liron moyal Adobe portfolio

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Page 11 visualety 1+
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Fashion designing clothing for childrens ,  Mugs  and Art gift product creation

Liron Moyal's sugar skull pattern designs are top-notch for Halloween gifts and home decor. The heart-eyed mugs make your loved ones feel unique on this spooky occasion. Liron's handmade graffiti-style design with brilliant colours will elevate your Halloween experience to the next level. The sugar skull and geometric psychedelic art patterns are available in various babygrow t-shirts, mugs, and home decoration items. Make this Halloween unforgettable with Liron's unique and captivating designs that will impress everyone.

A Unique gothic fashion for children

Our collection of punk and gothic-inspired clothing for children is sure to impress! Dark and antiquated features mark the gothic fashion style, and our designs draw inspiration from the music that began in England during the early 1980s. Our range features primarily black clothing, but we've updated the looks with various fabrics and colour combinations to suit modern tastes. Parents who have fond memories of their youth can now pass on the same fashion sense to their children. We're proud to offer five much-loved designs perfect for your little ones.



For girls age 1 year - 7 years

The artist Liron made this stunning tutu dress in three vibrant colours: red, purple, and cool green. It is perfect for little girls aged one to five years. Every girl deserves a tutu, but this one will surely steal the show at the party with its Sugar Skulls design. The top of the dress features the printed Sugar Skulls on both the front and back, while the black tulle skirt is fun and floaty. Your little one will look adorable in this head-turner of a dress!

hoodie sugar skull kids



Check out this fantastic hoodie created by an artist in three different colours: red, purple, and cool green. It's designed specifically for children between the ages of one and seven. This unique hoodie takes children's fashion to the next level with its long-sleeved Hoodie Sweatshirt Jacket that's colourful and fun. The design is printed on both the front and back and comes in various colour combinations. It also comes with zipping and an excellent hooded jumper made of a cotton/spandex mix that wears well and feels good. This fantastic jumper is suitable for any season and can be worn long. If you're interested, you can view this item.

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Cool and stylishT-shirts for Children


Cute baby clothes that have a sugar skull pattern on them. They look like a high-quality product and would make an excellent gift for a stylish, cool mom who likes punk fashion. These clothes are designed for babies aged 0-18 months, perfect for the littlest fashionistas. They come in three different colours: Red, Purple, and Green.

skull babygrow



Check out this fantastic baby suit vest! It was created by an artist who painted amazing graffiti to make it look cool. This vest is inspired by punk gothic music and comes in two different colours: red and green. It's perfect for babies from 0 to 18 months old. If you're looking for something for your older child, there are also T-shirts with long sleeves available for children aged 1 to 5. The Music Ceremony Graffiti design is playful and musically inspired, so it's sure to add some cool to your wardrobe. The short-sleeved baby onesie has the design printed on the front and a diamond pattern of design details on the back. Plus, it feels as good as it looks, thanks to its soft feel fabric.

skull babygrow