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Bumble bee adorable erring - Jewellery gift
Tiny sweet gift 

Bees are hard-working and brave, 
symbolizing many good qualities, and always reminding people of good things, 
a lovely bee necklace and bee earrings will be a great choice, whether to give yourself, your daughter, your mother, your loved ones & friends.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver (Whole body) 
Light and lasting materials, no fading and hypoallergenic. 

Size:10mm x10mm Erring bee size 


This jewellery is inspired by the cute honeybee, classic and lovely with high usage, suitable for daily wear and any occasion, matching elegant necklaces! as well.
 if you want you can find it in our shop.

🐝Materials High Quality --- The Adopt a Bee Earrings are beautifully handmade with genuine 925 Sterling Silver with touch strips of 18K gold plated and just like every bee in the hive, adding to the charm and quality of our 
🐝Unique Bee Necklace---The little bee is a symbol of courage, dignity, dedication and hard work. Wear this necklace as a reminder that just like a bee striving for your dream, one day you will also taste the sweet taste. It is suitable as a gift for those who like bees or need encouragement.
🐝Meaningful gift---Reminiscent of the fuzzy, plump little bees that buzz around summer gardens, wear our Adopt a Bee Necklace to express your support of bees, or get it for a bee lover you know as a thoughtful and meaningful gift!
🐝Save The Bees --- The Adopt a Bee earring was created to spread awareness and provide help to bees and beekeepers from all around the world! Each purchase helps our little fuzzy, honey-producing friends survive another day!

Honey Bees -Adopt a Bee Earring 925 Sterling Silver Bee Inspired Silver & Gold B

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