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The colors meanings

When choosing colors to your painting or creating a colourful Art ,

colors are affecting our emotions and feelings and not just in Art ...

Looking at your choice of colour may contain messages for you or guide you to how you may want to express yourself Below is a basic list that may get you started feel free to add to it or explore your own inner interpretations

Green Nature connection, healing, love, harmony, balance

Blue Freedom, calm, wisdom, truth, inner peace, emotional healing

Red Strength, high energy, passion, romantic love, courage

Pink Love, gentleness, playfulness, compassion, intuition within the feminine

Orange Creativity, self awareness, fun, adventure, transformation

Yellow Happiness, laughter, lightheartedness, positivity, enthusiasm, opportunity

Purple Spiritual connections, magic, devotion, independence

Brown Grounding, reliable, honest, foundations, nature

Black Protection, power, shadow work, discipline

White Purify, hope, simplicity, perfection, innocence, spiritual focus

Grey Practical, neutral, conservative

Rainbow Happiness , Joy, freedom

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